About BSE


Tamara Badkerhanian-Ganev AScT, President/CEO

LEED Accredited Professional

Tamara Badkerhanian-Ganev AScTTamara Badkerhanian-Ganev has more than 20 years of progressive design experience in mechanical and energy engineering, including the management of complex multimillion dollar projects. Her design philosophy is to propose mechanical systems that blend into the “Architectural Statement” while creating the optimum balance between human comfort, installation and operating costs, indoor air quality, energy consumption, and environmental impact.

Tamara has led multi-disciplinary engineering teams on numerous award-winning projects. She’s developed expertise in energy engineering and retrofits that’s 1) produced millions of kWh in energy savings for clients and 2) helped secure over a million dollars in energy-efficiency incentives. Tamara helps her clients identify and develop energy savings programs and secure energy savings performance incentives through partnership programs with utility companies. Her approach has been thinking outside-the-box, using her diverse knowledge, which ranges from conventional systems to state-of-the-art solutions. Tamara holds an Honor’s Diploma of Technology in mechanical engineering from British Columbia Institute of Technology in Vancouver and is a Registered Applied Science Technologist in British Columbia.

Alan J. Brown P.E., Principal

LEED Accredited Professional

Alan J. Brown P.E.Mr. Brown has over 20 years of engineering design, project management, and leadership experience. BSE Engineering has been under his guidance since 1994. He provides “expert” electrical engineering knowledge in the areas of medium and low voltage electrical distribution systems, interior and exterior lighting systems, lighting controls, telecommunications infrastructure, and other low voltage systems. Mr. Brown has focused on sustainable electrical systems such as site-wide electrical distribution infrastructure, photovoltaic (PV) systems, LEED compliance and commissioning, and mission critical facilities. His specialized technical experience has made him an authority in the area of medium voltage power distribution system design and construction, grounding, protective relaying, loadflow and fault analysis, and system reliability. Mr. Brown’s dedicated project approach and attention to detail has earned him praise from contractors and clients. Mr. Brown holds a BS in Electrical Engineering (Power Option) from California State University, Sacramento, and an MBA from University of San Diego in California.