Healthcare Projects


Children’s Hospital - Patient Care Pavilion

This unique building is specifically designed to help kids get and stay healthy. A new environment of caring was created that reduces anxiety and promotes healing through the purposeful combination of design, color, symbols and art. The overall theme of the building is the notion of “home.” The building has six pitched roofs, like six houses in a neighborhood, as well as a unique color. The theme of home and neighborhood is continued throughout the interior with residential-looking windows and nursing stations designed as houses, complete with a courtyard, porch lights, and fiber optic lights that appear as starry constellations.

The new building increases bed space from 154 to 220. It houses a new pediatric emergency room, doubles the outpatient facilities, allows expansion in other patient-care areas, provides a roof helipad, and gives the entire hospital a new entrance.

The new hospital plans included equipping a 12kV service. In addition, a new peak-shave/ emergency engine-generator plant became a part of the existing cogeneration plant (previously designed by BSE). Modifications to the existing facility included radiology and nuclear medicine additions, cafeteria remodel, and remodel and additions to numerous laboratories.