About BSE


Mr. Vance Brown, P.E., Founding President


Vance Brown, P.E.Vance E. Brown, P.E., a WWII veteran, formed the company in 1962 to meet the needs of the industry to provide skilled electrical engineering design services for a growing region. The business quickly grew and was incorporated in 1967. The firm developed many high profile clients and completed projects for commercial office and retail buildings, military facilities, K-12 schools, colleges and universities, hospitals, and other public facilities. As the company expanded, Mr. Brown continued to provide hands-on engineering guidance and leadership.

His efforts included hundreds of projects for the Reagan era military buildup in San Diego and surrounding military bases in Southern California, major Hospital Construction and Emergency Power System Expansions, new California State Prison complexes, expansion of the San Diego International Airport, expansion of Waterfront and Port Facilities, new College and University Buildings and Campuses, and large Office Building Remodels and New Construction projects.

Founding President Vance Brown, P.E. would be proud to see that his corporation today is leading the way with respect to incorporating environmentally sound and sustainable design practices.