Electrical Engineering Services

BSE’s expertise in electrical engineering for new construction and renovations includes addressing the full spectrum of client needs, including site electrical power distribution systems, building electrical distribution and branch circuit wiring, architectural lighting, site and roadway lighting, sports lighting, Title 24 compliance, telecommunications infrastructure and cabling, specialty electrical systems (public address, intrusion detection, nurse call, cable TV), and fire alarm systems. Our electrical engineering consulting services include analysis, planning, design, and construction support for buildings, facilities, and site development.

Power Systems Studies
Load Flow Analysis
Short-Circuit Analysisgenerator
Reliability Analysis
Protective Device Coordination Analysis
Arc Flash Analysis

Master Planning and System Assessment Reports
Site Electrical Distribution System Master Planning
Electrical Distribution System Code and Performance Assessments
Electrical System Documentation

Low Voltage Power Distribution (120V-600V)
Switchgear, Switchboard, and Panelboard Selection & Layout
Service Entrance, Feeder, and Branch Circuit Wiring
Motor Control Centers and Motor Controls
Emergency and Standby Generator Systems
Healthcare Electrical System Design
Ground Fault Protection and Coordination
Grounding and Bonding
Classified (Hazardous) Area Design
Applications of Low Voltage Circuit Breakers & Fuses
Static and Lightning Protection Grounding
Data Center Electrical Distribution and Grounding
Mission CriticalÓ Electrical Systems Design


Medium Voltage Substations and Power Distribution (2.4kV-38kV)
Medium Voltage Substations (38 kV and below)
Metal Clad Circuit Breaker Switchgear and Switching Stations
Fused Metal Enclosed Switchgear
Medium Voltage Cable Selection
Liquid-Filled and Dry-Type Transformer Selection
Substation Grounding
Motor Controls
Distribution System Design
Protective Relaying electrical

Interior Lighting and Controls
Office Lighting
Classroom Lighting
Patient Care and Healthcare Facility Lighting
Industrial Facility Lighting
Gymnasium Lighting
Restaurant Lighting
Hospitality/Decorative Lighting


Exterior Lighting and Controls
Roadway and Parking Lot Lighting
Sports (Soccer, Softball and Football) Lighting
Pedestrian Walkway and Pathway Lighting
Highmast Lighting
Bridge Lighting
Competition Swim Pool Lighting
Landscape Lighting

Title 24 Lighting Compliance
“Savings By Design”
LEED Accredited

Telecommunication Rooms
Telecommunication Room Layout and Equipment Racking
Telecommunication Grounding and Bonding
Patch Panel and Cable Management
Emergency Power Off (EPO) Switching
UPS Selection and Configuration

Telecommunication Cable Distribution
Telecommunication Cable Selection (Copper & Fiber Optic)
Telecommunication Pathways (Conduit, J-Hook, Basket Tray, Ladder)
Telecommunication Jacks and Outlet Configuration

Fire Alarm and Notification System
Fire Alarm Control Panel Selection
Fire Alarm Detector and Notification Appliance Selection
Fire Alarm Device Output
Interface with Fire Sprinkler System